There are many games out there! Do you mean like Monopoly, Clue and The Game of Life? Well, we suppose if that’s what you like, but there are SO many other great games for you to love! Let us help you discover new games that you may never have seen before. Let us help you get addicted to our hobby too 🙂

You have questions we have answers!

  • Can I bring my own games to play? Of course! We want you to play what you want to play! Please make sure your games are labelled or identified in some way as belonging to you so they don’t get mixed up with other games.
  • I have a game I really want to play at KingCon, but how do I find others to play me? Check out the KingCon Community Game Scheduler on and add your game info (see instructions on the list) to see if others might be interested. Also, during KingCon we have signs that you can set up at your table that say you are looking for players. It is a great way to meet new gamers!
  • What if I don’t have games to bring? We also have a Game Lending Library during the Con and some games you could take home on Sunday if you are lucky to win them (Play to Win!).
  • What if I am interested in a game but don’t know how to play it? We will have Game teachers on hand to help you choose and learn games!