Welcome to our listing of Official KingCon events!

Online sign-up will be open until July 14th at 8:30am.  If there are still spots available after that you can sign-up at KingCon Command during the event.

There will also be lots of room for your own games, a game lending library, pick-up games and game teachers to help you learn new games!

If you want to run a game and are looking for players you can post it on the KingCon! 2023 – Community Game Scheduler Geeklist on BoardGameGeek.com.

Latest Past Events


KingCon is not complete without the invasion of ghouls and zombies! Try the exciting new edition of Zombicide complete with painted zombies come to life!

Play to Win! … and the winner is…

Join us at KingCon Command for the draw of winners for the Play to Win games at 1 pm.  Be sure to play the games prior to noon on Sunday.

Life’s Ambition – RPG

"At the edge of a mysterious town lies an abandoned hospital. The locals say it once was a health spa that fell into disuse and was then taken over by a strange scientist. That was many years ago and it has since fallen into darkness. No one goes near it due to rumours of strange …