KingCon 2019 Game Scheduler Geeklist

This is our first attempt at a public/community list for game play organizing and coordination. The purpose of this list is to help people coordinate with others about what games they would like to play and when.

There will be tons of open gaming with a game lending library including additional Play to Win games, boardgame, RPG events, and miniatures, but we hope this geeklist is useful as a place where people can connect to set up games in advance. These games are not official KingCon events. For official events please check the website

Maybe you’re looking for:
– A high player count?
– An epic long game?
– Something heavy? 
– A specific game you’ve been wanting to play, or players to fill a game you’re bringing?
– Maybe you just like to be organized,
– Or like many in our hobby, you tend toward the introverted or shy side and feel much more comfortable connecting online first, rather than approaching new people at the table.