The idea is to keep it simple, allowing players to show up, grab a table, pull out a title that they want to play, and start gaming.

Bring along your favourites!

Bring along your own games to play! We want you to play what you want to play! Please make sure your games are labelled or identified in some way as belonging to you so they don’t get mixed up with other games.

Check out the KingCon Community Game Scheduler on and add your game info (see instructions on the list) to see if others might be interested. Also, during KingCon we have signs that you can set up at your table that say you are looking for players. It is a great way to meet new gamers!

Lending Library

KingCon will have a large library of games on loan from our local gamers that attendees are welcome to sign-out and use while they are at the convention.

Play to Win!

Would you like to win a new game or two? We are offering an interesting way for you to try to do just that! We will have selected games available to play throughout the convention and on Sunday afternoon we will randomly draw from those who have played each game and that attendee will take that game home! Click here for more information!

Tournament – Camp Macabre!

We are excited to welcome Andrew and Ron back to a KTABS event with their upcoming game called Camp Macabre!  This game is the first of their Nova Scotia design company called the Knights of the Round Hill.  Join the tournament on Saturday afternoon at KingCon. You can sign-up here for the tournament!

Organized Play Schedule

Check out the games that we have scheduled!

Need space for a game?

Got a huge game that never gets tabled due to space? Bring it along to KingCon. We’ll find a way to accommodate your gaming space needs so you can sit down and start playing! Any questions about table space requirements or other board game issues should be directed to the Hall Manager.

Looking to learn how to play a game? We can help!

Do you have a game that you want to learn to play? We will have volunteers available to teach a variety of games during KingCon! Please check at the Boardgame Hall and we will connect you with someone who can help!