KingCon is hosted by KINGS TABLETOP AND BOARDGAME SOCIETY (KTABS) with the support of several partners, sponsors, and local gamers.

KTABS is a not-for-profit society in Nova Scotia. We are local gamers who want to work together to encourage, promote and support tabletop and boardgaming.

Purposes of the Society: 

  • To encourage and promote tabletop and board games among people of all ages and walks of life.
  • To host events to promote the hobby
  • To collaborate with local gamers and organizations to support and encourage tabletop gaming.

The current board of directors of KTABS directors is:

  • President: Kim O’Connor
  • Vice President: Dan Sparkman
  • Secretary: Erin Gaudet
  • Treasurer: Duane Currie
  • Director at Large: Melinda Norris